Dr Mok: My Friend and Mentor

OTHR_005I first met Dr. Mok, many years ago, at Barberton Hospital where I worked as a registered nurse.  He was then, and still is, very well known in the community for providing excellent, compassionate medical care.  Currently, Dr. Mok uses acupuncture to treat people in the Akron area with pain issues.  He has studied many forms of acupuncture, including Japanese, Korean, French, 5 Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Ancient Chinese Principles.  I credit his brilliance to his ability to take the most useful aspects of each of the forms to create his own method of treatment.  He is also a master of pulse diagnosis and understanding energetic patterns.  Since graduating from acupuncture school in 2010, I have spent six years learning Dr. Mok’s methods of acupuncture treatments, along with Korean Hand Therapy, and have incorporated his techniques into my own practice.  As a result, I feel my treatments are more effective.  He has also taught me that, for an optimum outcome, a well-rounded treatment plan should include acupuncture in conjunction with other healing modalities.  After completing acupuncture school, I believe it is absolutely invaluable to continue your education by working with a mentor.  For me, it has been both an honor and pleasure to learn under Dr. Mok.  I certainly consider myself a more successful acupuncturist because of him.  And today, it is a privilege to say he is not only my mentor, but also my friend.